Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wedding Shower Invitation

My niece Natalie is getting married next month. Charis is hosting a shower for her in a couple of weeks. She came over last night to have me find an invitation for her. It seems that I am often in charge of the invitations for showers and things. I really should have all my invitations stored in one place on my computer. But alas, I don't so I had to search. I know these aren't recipes, but I decided if I put them all on my blog, I'll know where they are if someone asks. I'm just putting the ideas on, not the actual invitations. Charis is using an invitation that I made for a shower for my nephew a couple of years ago. She just switched the names.


Ashley's getting married.
Stephen is the groom.
After that, they'll be off
To share their honeymoon.

Then they'll live together
With all the joy that marriage brings.
But, when they're starting out,
They will need a lot of different things.

They'll need towels & cups, pot & pans,
And pillows, spoons and such.
Some plates & sheets & baking stuff,
They really need so much.

They'll need things to clean the house with,
Food for Breakfast,Dinner & Lunch
So that is why, we're having
A Bridal Shower Brunch

We want to help them to prepare
And we want to have some fun.
We'd really like to see you.
We hope that you can come.

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