Monday, August 17, 2009

Chocolate Waffle Cookies

I got the recipe for these cookies from my friend, Danette. I really like these cookies. I usually make these in my heart shaped waffle iron. You can use a regular waffle iron as well. In fact, they probably work better that way. But they are cuter if you use a heart shaped one. I sold my regular waffle iron at a yard sale last year. I never used it for waffles (Allan likes Belgian Waffles better) and I forgot that I used it occasionally to make these cookies. Oh well. My heart shaped waffle iron is wearing out. Charis had one that she never used, so she gave it to me. My old one works better because the holes are deeper. These cookies are really cute for Valentine's day. They are a nice change from the traditional sugar cookies (but I like those, too).

Chocolate Waffle Cookies

Melt together: 3 tbsp cocoa and ½Cup margarine or
2 sq Chocolate

mix in:
2 Eggs
¾ Cup sugar
Dash of salt
1 tsp Vanilla
1 Cup flour

Drop by tbsp onto waffle iron. Cook 1½ minutes Cool and frost then top with nuts.

*These cookies are really cute if you use a heart waffle iron.

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