Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Firsts Shower

This is a fun theme for a shower. Each guest is assigned a different "first". They are supposed to bring a gift for the couples first experiences together a married couple. You can just switch the names out on the invitation. Make sure to fill in the blank with a different first on each invitation.


Adam and Lara are soon to be wed.
Brand new paths they are going to tread.
It's a whole now world, a world of firsts.
They are so excited, they are ready to burst.

having a shower to help them prepare
For some of the first adventures they'll share.
Please bring a gift that will help get them through
Some of the things that to them are brand new.

Please bring something for their first _________.

First Shower Ideas

first breakfast
first lunch
first dinner
first snack
first time entertaining in laws
first time entertaining friends
first Family Home Evening
first game
first night
first chance to relax
first boring night at home
first date after the wedding/honeymoon
first fight
first emergency
first illness
first injury
first finals week
first garden
first home repair
first car repair
first car wash
first house cleaning
first kitchen
first bathroom
first home decoration
first picnic
first vacation
first camping trip
first holiday
Valentine's Day
Fourth of July

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