Thursday, August 20, 2009

Absentee Baby Shower

Josh & Sarah, and Rosalie & Tom, all moved out of state when they got married. Consequently, their babies have all been born out of state as well. When their first babies were due, neither of them had plans to come back home any time before the babies came. So, we decided to have a baby shower for them without them attending. We had people bring their gifts unwrapped and so we could all see what they were getting. Then we had them wrap them and make cards for them at the shower. we delivered the gifts when we went to see the babies. We also had a quilt on for people to work on.
All the food we served were baby themed. We had baby carrots, sweet little tomatoes, sweet peas, mini cheesecakes, sweetheart tarts, bouncing baby cheese balls, shrimp salad and Squirt.


Josh and Sarah soon will have
A brand new bundle of joy.
The doctor tells them it will be
A bouncing baby boy.


Josh And Sarah soon will have
A brand new little one.
She will be a lot of work,
But also lots of fun.

Although they are so far away,
Their needs could not be greater.
We'll have a shower just for them.
You can visit with them later.

We know it may seem rather strange
That they will not attend.
But then again, you never know,
We could start a whole new trend.

Please bring your gift unwrapped
So that everyone can see
The kinds of things that they receive
For their brand new baby!

We'll wrap the presents at the shower.
You can bring paper, ribbon and bows.
Or we will have some you can use.
It could be quite fun -- who knows?

Then we'll send them in the U.S. Mail,
FedEx or U.P.S.
And hope they get them in plenty of time,
So their baby they can dress.

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