Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Honey Whole Wheat Bread

This is my favorite whole wheat bread recipe. It isn't 100% whole wheat so it isn't too heavy. Allan loves hot bread when we have soup. The weather is starting to change so it will soon be soup season. There's not much better than hot soup and warm bread on a cold autumn day. I like to grind my wheat so it is nice and fresh.

Honey Whole Wheat Bread

1½ cup milk

3 Tbsp. Yeast
1½ cup water

2 eggs
¾ cup honey

1½ Tbsp. Salt
⅓ cup butter or margarine

1½ cups whole wheat flour
3 cups all-purpose flour

2½ cups whole wheat flour
2-3 cups all purpose flour

Heat milk, water, honey and butter to 120º. In mixer combine 3 cups flour, 1½ cup whole wheat flour, yeast, egg, salt and warmed milk mixture. Mix for 3 minutes on highest speed. Add whole wheat flour and 2 cups of white flour. Continue to add flour a little at a time until dough
doesn’t stick to sides of bowl. Knead until dough is stiff and smooth. Place dough in a greased bowl, turning to grease the top of the dough. Cover and let rise in a warm place until doubled, about 1 hour. Divide into loaves (2-3) Cover and let rise until doubled. Bake in preheated 375º oven for 10 minutes. Reduce heat to 350º and continue to bake 30-35 minutes. Remove from pans and cool on wire racks.

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