Friday, September 11, 2009

Homemade Noodles

Last week I found a pasta machine at a yard sale. It was $5.00. Charis had asked me to look for one for her. So when I saw it, I offered the lady $4.00 and she took it. The next yard sale I went to had a pasta machine for $2.00. So naturally, I bought it, too. I already have one. I use it quite often. Sometimes, I think there is something wrong with my brain when I do things like buy a pasta machine that I don't need just because it is cheap. But I figured, one of my daughters in law just might need one. Who knows? So if one of you reads this, and wants it, let me know. Or I just might be calling you.
I remember my aunt making homemade noodles, when I was just a little girl. Somehow, I thought she did it because she couldn't afford real macaroni. My mom always made chicken noodle soup with macaroni. Allan always thought that was wierd. He grew up on egg noodles in soup. They didn't have to be homemade. But he always prefers homemade. It wasn't until I was old and married, that I realized how much better fresh homemade noodles are. I had always thought of them as poor man food. But, as I have said before, I have discovered that some of my favorite foods are poor man foods. However, I still am not a big fan of Beans and Hot Dogs or even Baked Beans.

Homemade Noodles

2 cups flour
1 t. salt
3 eggs
2 tbsp. milk

Mix flour and salt. Make a small dent in the flour. Add eggs. Mix until dough forms. Add milk if dough is too dry. Add a little flour if it is too sticky. Roll to desired thickness (less than 1/8 inch). Cut into strips ¼ to ½ inch wide. Cut strips to desired length. Or, use a pasta machine to form the noodles. Let dry for an hour before using the noodles or carefully separate the noodles and use them immediately.


  1. I would love a pasta machine--Do sisters count in the bid? Thanks for all the delicious recipes.

  2. Craig hates beans and hot dogs. Well, actually he has never had beans and hot dogs, he just hates beans and he hates hot dogs, so he won't try them. For our stake party yesterday I was asked to bring pork and beans. . . so I decided to soup it up some and make beans and hot dogs. A while back I made beans and hot dogs with corn bread on top, it was pretty good, so I did it again this time. I brought my dish proudly to the stake barbeque, and went through the line, and was about the fifth person to take some of my pork and beans, only to find out the corn bread was still corn mush underneath, it wasn't finished cooking. YUCK it was horrible. . . and to think I brought it proudly to a stake function. Hopefully no one knew it was me.